Edinburgh Treasure Hunts

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We take some of Edinburgh’s most compelling stories and characters and turn them into immersive Treasure Hunts, mixing sightseeing and play with history and storytelling.

Our games are great for visitors and locals alike, as they cover some of the main parts of the city but also step off the beaten track and point out lesser known details.

They are designed for all types of groups and ages.

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Played through specially crafted props and clues

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César Gallego SerranoCésar Gallego Serrano
14:12 14 May 22
So much fun to get to know Edinburgh while playing a game. We are Sherlock Holmes fans and this was the best way for us to learn about his connection to Edinburgh.
Eva Mª CaballeroEva Mª Caballero
11:58 14 May 22
I played these games with my partner and 2 other friends. We didn’t know Edinburgh at all and we felt like we fully explored it whilst playing. Such a great way to see the city.
The Pirate’s Riddle is the best. Very creative game and really pretty sights. We had a blast. Thank you Sabi 🙂
Denis RoldánDenis Roldán
10:42 14 May 22
We did all three games with a few friends. Our favourite was the pirate one. If you’re into escape rooms this is a great hybrid between them and tours. Highly recommended!
Mark StewartMark Stewart
18:03 02 May 22
We did Fantastic Creatures of Edinburgh with both my nieces and we absolutely loved it! It was seamlessly designed and put together. Thanks so much to Sabi for such a wonderful experience. Unforgettable!
14:38 14 Jun 21
Fantastic! We completed the Sherlock and Pirate challenges. Both were amazing but the Sherlock one had a fantastic surprise at the end. Each clue was put together so well and the flow was fantastic. No two clues are the same. Would definitely recommend.
gregory thomsongregory thomson
09:12 02 Jun 21
Amazing experience and a really fresh, unique and impassioned take on an emerging format. There are tons of puzzle and escape room like things to do these days and I love doing as many of them as I can, but this one really stands out from the crowd! Highly recommended, thanks Sabi!
Neale GardinerNeale Gardiner
11:26 01 Jun 21
We completed Sherlock’s Secret Challenge and it was great. The design of the treasure hunt was excellent and we had so much fun working our way through the puzzles. Would definitely recommend.
19:21 16 May 21
It was a wonderful experience, it is a really good idea. Learning with games. I really recommend it. It is awesome. ☺️
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