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We take some of Edinburgh’s most compelling stories and characters and turn them into immersive Treasure Hunts, mixing sightseeing and play with history and storytelling.

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They are designed for all types of groups and ages.

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Richie AkpanRichie Akpan
17:51 01 Oct 23
My fiancée booked Sherlock’s Secret Challenge for my birthday as we both enjoy escape rooms but wanted to try something different. The game is very well designed by Sabi, who was very personable. We were fully engaged throughout and it was a great way to spend a morning! I’d heavily recommend for those who enjoy a puzzle!
Zoe RobersonZoe Roberson
12:26 29 Aug 23
Great activity to see so much of Edinburgh, learning new facts, and exercising our minds. Definitely a challenge but well worth it. Make sure to bring your walking shoes and maybe a snack! Sabi was super helpful and made it a great experience.
Marcos MaroñasMarcos Maroñas
22:06 28 Aug 23
We played Sherlock's Secret Challenge and it was very fun! The game is very integrated with the city, which is surprising. You don't need to be a genius to play this game, but it requires some thinking and deduction skill, honouring the very same Sherlock! Recommended.
Nishi AggarwalNishi Aggarwal
20:48 28 Aug 23
We loved doing the Sherlock one 2 years ago and this time when we came back, we had a few hours to spare and decided to do the Fantastic Beasts one. Great way to see the city, makes you want to slow down and look up. Loved it and will be back to do more next year or on Christmas ❤️
13:41 27 Aug 23
“If you come to Edinburgh this is a must do. I have never done an activity like this before. The props for the pirate game were ingenious and the route offered amazing sights. On top of that we learned so many interesting facts about pirate lore. 100% recommended”
shannon parkershannon parker
03:22 27 Aug 23
We had a great time on our Sherlock Holmes tour! The clues were challenging, but doable. Despite this being our 3rd trip to Edinburgh, we learned so many new and interesting facts and history along the way. Our host was there if we needed her. We’d highly recommend this as a fun way to expand your city adventures!
Daniel CedeñoDaniel Cedeño
19:20 26 Aug 23
It was an amazing experience. Really fun way to get to know the city while having fun. I'd previously done the Sherlock Holmes Hunt which I also recommend, you won't regret it.
David CedeñoDavid Cedeño
18:31 26 Aug 23
Ahoy, adventure seekers and treasure hunters! Prepare to embark on the most exhilarating journey through time and mystery with the Pirate Treasure Hunt in Edinburgh! This swashbuckling escapade isn't just a hunt for gold—it's an immersive experience that combines the thrill of a treasure hunt with the charm of historical landmarks.But it wasn't just about the treasure—every challenge we tackled was a burst of excitement and camaraderie among friends. Solving puzzles together, deciphering secret messages, and using our wits to outsmart the cunning pirates kept us laughing, cheering, and bonding like never before. We embraced our inner adventurers, united by the thrill of the hunt and the joy of uncovering Edinburgh's hidden stories.
Maria Paz Botero BMaria Paz Botero B
18:21 26 Aug 23
Amazing experience! Everything was super well planned, the game itself it's incredibly well made and thought! We had an awesome time doing it and it's also very cool you can play it with your whole family.
lesley dixonlesley dixon
13:44 12 Aug 23
A great experience and a lovely way to find out more about Edinburgh and particularly Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The clues range from straightforward to a little bit tricky but if it had been really easy it wouldn't have felt so worthwhile afterwards. A well spent few hours!
Hannah ProcterHannah Procter
20:43 09 Aug 23
We were a team of two and had great fun! A little challenging, and at times we needed to ask for help, but still a very enjoyable experience. Would recommend!
Katie WaddingtonKatie Waddington
11:02 09 Aug 23
Highly recommend this..Fun for all the family. A.well put together trail with some very clever clues. Even our dog was able to participate (one place where one of us had to wait outside with him but the rest of the trail was dog friendly) a great way to spend a few hours in the city. Cyril the black lab is very proud of his badge.
Percy StubbsPercy Stubbs
10:40 04 Aug 23
Utterly brilliant - such a great way to explore the city and see it in a new way, cleverly and creatively written puzzle - and very graciously organised and explained by Sabi. Great intertwining of history and a Very satisfying ending which is not always the case with these things.Will be back for another one!
Sebastian OrenjiSebastian Orenji
19:33 21 Jul 23
We had a lot of fun with at our Sherlock Holmes Treasure hunt. We recommend it for every puzzle loving person
Taylor MinceyTaylor Mincey
13:30 14 Jul 23
This was so much fun and I loved seeing all the cool mythical creatures featured in so many buildings here in Edinburgh. It also gave us a chance to walk around and get more acquainted with the area. If I came back here, I would definitely try out the other hunts. The operator was also super friendly and kind and even gave us some fun facts about Edinburgh and helped us purchase castle tickets when they were supposedly sold out. She went seriously above and beyond and I can’t thank her enough for her kindness!
G HermansG Hermans
08:25 16 Jun 23
Did Sherlock's Secret Challenge together with my wife. Had a great time. It took us about 3 hours but it felt like 1 hour. Great fun, thanks Sabi.
Pablo SánchezPablo Sánchez
08:52 26 May 23
My partner and I love it! It's a very interesting way to see the city and so much fun!I definitely recommend it 🙂
Claire LindleyClaire Lindley
15:41 18 Sep 22
Such a fun way to see the city! We are not seasoned treasure hunters so found it challenging but a lot of fun. Completed with a group of friends as part of a hen weekend. Thanks Captain Sabi 🙂
Marianne JamesMarianne James
08:49 21 Aug 22
We did the pirate treasure hunt and it was great. The puzzles were really well designed and fun to solve. We live in Edinburgh and it took us to a couple of nooks and crannies we'd never noticed before! Recommended
César Gallego SerranoCésar Gallego Serrano
14:12 14 May 22
So much fun to get to know Edinburgh while playing a game. We are Sherlock Holmes fans and this was the best way for us to learn about his connection to Edinburgh.
Eva Mª CaballeroEva Mª Caballero
11:58 14 May 22
I played these games with my partner and 2 other friends. We didn’t know Edinburgh at all and we felt like we fully explored it whilst playing. Such a great way to see the city.
The Pirate’s Riddle is the best. Very creative game and really pretty sights. We had a blast. Thank you Sabi 🙂
Denis RoldánDenis Roldán
10:42 14 May 22
We did all three games with a few friends. Our favourite was the pirate one. If you’re into escape rooms this is a great hybrid between them and tours. Highly recommended!
Mark StewartMark Stewart
18:03 02 May 22
We did Fantastic Creatures of Edinburgh with both my nieces and we absolutely loved it! It was seamlessly designed and put together. Thanks so much to Sabi for such a wonderful experience. Unforgettable!
14:38 14 Jun 21
Fantastic! We completed the Sherlock and Pirate challenges. Both were amazing but the Sherlock one had a fantastic surprise at the end. Each clue was put together so well and the flow was fantastic. No two clues are the same. Would definitely recommend.
Prema ChablaniPrema Chablani
14:14 14 Jun 21
Sabi has created the most amazing games that actually teach you about the city. You notice so much stuff you didn't even know existed! We played both the Sherlock game and the Pirates one and we'll do any that she creates. So much fun. We've done other puzzles around the city that don't even compare.
gregory thomsongregory thomson
09:12 02 Jun 21
Amazing experience and a really fresh, unique and impassioned take on an emerging format. There are tons of puzzle and escape room like things to do these days and I love doing as many of them as I can, but this one really stands out from the crowd! Highly recommended, thanks Sabi!
Neale GardinerNeale Gardiner
11:26 01 Jun 21
We completed Sherlock’s Secret Challenge and it was great. The design of the treasure hunt was excellent and we had so much fun working our way through the puzzles. Would definitely recommend.
19:21 16 May 21
It was a wonderful experience, it is a really good idea. Learning with games. I really recommend it. It is awesome. ☺️
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