Fantastic Creatures of Edinburgh

A quest to find the true unicorn! 

Professor M has arranged for you a day of creature-hunting. It’s all about using your special map wisely and keeping your eyes peeled. There’s so many secrets hidden in the beautiful Old Town.


Gather your housemates and meet the professor’s assistant to be given the class equipment and receive a brief introduction.Then you’re off to find and learn as much as you can about Edinburgh’s magical bestiary. You will be spotting what’s often overlooked, reading maps, solving little riddles and hopefully getting access to the professor’s book of secrets.


This activity covers a lot of background knowledge on faerie folk and the history of Scotland’s national animal: the unicorn. Good for magic apprentices of all ages!

Game mechanics

You will be given a bag with all you need inside. It takes place fully outdoors and you will only need your phone to check your answers or ask for help. Up to 5 groups can start at once. Great for all ages: couples, friends, colleagues, families… and anyone into mythology and folklore!


Outside the City Chambers, 253 High Street


3 out of 5 (all levels)


New Town and beyond


1-2 hours approx

Number of Players

Best with 2-4 (up to 5 if there’s children)

Total walking distance

2.3 miles (3.7 km). Shorter version available 1.9 miles 3km

Trip Advisor
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Great activity for large groups.
I organised this as a social event for a university group of 20, everyone really enjoyed the game! It was a good level of difficulty (not too hard not too easy) and had us exploring the old town.
Chenna K
Trip Advisor
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Amazing experience.
The treasure hunt is very well thought and well organized! It was fun walking around the city and discovering the creatures and decoding puzzles.
Ciara Aoife
Trip Advisor
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10 out of 10.
We did this treasure hunt in the last day of the fringe, and it was an amazing experience. It is clear that an incredible amount of planning went into organising this event. It was a lot of fun. Looking forward to trying the others treasure hunts organised by this company! Would definitely recommend!
Josie H
Trip Advisor
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Brilliant fun, well set up and good level ( not too easy/hard). Our children 11 & 13 had us racing around trying to beat the other teams! Would highly recommend!

Book now

From 7-15 pounds per person depending on group size

August 2022
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun


It’s essential that at least one team member brings a charged phone with internet access. We prefer being in touch through whatsapp but we can send text messages if you have a UK number. The rest will be provided by us.

It finishes a 10-15 minute walk from where it starts. 

Not at all! This game is for all ages and all levels. Although it’s our most child friendly game it still has its challenges. We recommend it for families with kids 8+ and anyone interested in myth and lore. 

The game master will be around or else will give you a drop off location near where you finish. By joining the game you are agreeing to take care of the kit and return it in the end.

If you feel like you might be late let us know immediately. It’s important to be on time and to be ready to start at the scheduled time. If you are late you may lose your booking.

The challenge is around 1.5  hours. To be a successful creature hunter you must complete the challenge in less than 2 hours. 

Yes. It takes place in the busy old town. Bare this in mind if your dog gets anxious in busy places. 

If you cancel up to 72h before, you will get a full refund. You can also reschedule for another day at no cost. If you cancel with less than 12h or if you arrive late, you will lose the booking. 

It can get cancelled in case of force majeure or extreme weather. It won’t be cancelled over rain. But it can get cancelled  if the weather is expected to be so bad that there’s a weather warning for Edinburgh on the BBC weather website. In this case you would receive a full refund.

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Fantastic Creatures of Edinburgh

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