Sherlock’s Secret Challenge

Looking for the real Sherlock Holmes!

Arthur Conan Doyle has left you a letter. Not just a letter! A challenging puzzle that could reveal to you the secret behind his famous character: Sherlock Holmes. That is, if you prove to be a puzzle-solving mastermind first.

Together with your team you will have to make good use of the kit provided to work through all the puzzles. Each puzzle will let you know where to go next, you will collect some interesting tidbits on some of the characters you’ll meet along the way. Logic, deduction and observation are big parts of this game. 

Game mechanics

You will be given a backpack with all you need inside. It takes place fully outdoors and you will only need your phone to check your answers or ask for help.

This game is played in private groups so there will be a time gap between you and the next and previous groups. Great for: couples, friends, colleagues, families with older kids… and anyone up for a challenge. 


Outside the Conan Doyle Pub, 71-73 York Place


4 out of 5 (challenging)


New Town and beyond


2.5-3 hours approx

Number of Players

Up to 7, best with 2-5

Total walking distance

4 km, 2.5 miles

"What a treat! Great puzzles,
lots of things to see on the way,
ingenious interactive elements"

Book now

From 8-22 pounds per person depending on group size

August 2022
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun


It’s essential that at least one team member brings a charged phone with internet access. We prefer being in touch through whatsapp but we can send text messages if you have a UK number. The rest will be provided by us.

The game finishes quite a long walk from where it starts, around the West End of town.

This game is on the challenging side. Parents know best but we generally think this is ok for kids 12+ as long as there’s adults with them willing to help.

The game master will be around or else will provide a drop off location near where you finish. By joining the game you are agreeing to take care of the kit and return it in the end.

Pets are most welcome. However in this particular game there is one area that doesn’t let them in. Most of our guests work around this by making someone wait with the pet.

If you feel like you might be late let us know immediately. It’s important to be on time and to be ready to start at the scheduled time. If you are late you may lose your booking.

The challenge is around three hours. To be a successful treasure hunter you must complete the challenge in less than 3 hours.

If you cancel up to 72h before, you will get a full refund. You can also reschedule for another day at no cost. If you cancel with less than 12h or if you arrive late, you will lose the booking. 

It can get cancelled in case of force majeure or extreme weather. It won’t be cancelled over rain. But it can get cancelled  if the weather is expected to be so bad that there’s a weather warning for Edinburgh on the BBC weather website. In this case you would receive a full refund.

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